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Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad
by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan
Publisher:SNB Media LLC
Number of pages:147 pages
Date published:2011
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Global is everywhere. Competition is fierce. Are you prepared to work in the global marketplace?

GO GLOBAL! is the go-to resource that reveals how students and professionals can tackle the exciting yet daunting challenge of developing the necessary skills to land a job in an increasingly global world. GO GLOBAL! is based on international career expert Stacie Nevadomski Berdan's own experience working globally, complemented by the experiences of hundreds of other successful internationalists.

GO GLOBAL! is filled with practical advice conveying everything from preparing yourself for the global marketplace - here or abroad - to landing your first big job.

  • Why today's workers need global skills to compete in an increasingly competitive global workplace, at home or abroad;
  • How job seekers can develop international qualifications, build a global resume and identify high-growth sectors, industries and markets that are hiring;
  • How to develop the critical cross-cultural skills necessary to succeed;
  • The ups and downs of working internationally, including fast-tracking career benefits; and
  • Includes a full chapter on working in or with China, one of today's hottest growth markets, contributed by veteran China businesswoman Rebecca Weiner

GO GLOBAL! helps you tackle today's global marketplace head on and emerge victorious!

In a rapidly globalized world, our generation either becomes international players--or we're left behind. --Robbie Fried, Founder of the Chinese Language Institute (at age 22)